first day of KINDERGARTEN

Jakey just had his first day of Kindergarten last week! I just can't believe it. The time has gone by so quickly. I was pretty much dreading it because I thought I'd be a mess. I couldn't help but think about how he would be away from me every single day now and it sort of felt like the beginning of the end, as awful as that sounds. On the other hand, of course I realize the value of it and how it will be our greatest adventure yet, but there's a part of me that is having a hard time letting him grow up! I'm sure every parent on this planet can relate.

Monday, August 23, we crossed the street and headed to Jake's new Kindergarten classroom.

Unfortunately Ben couldn't join us as he was working in Fairfield that week (and he starts at 7am). But, lucky for us, Grandma and Grandpa came over and joined us!

We waited outside in the hot sun waiting for our turn to go through those doors. Grams and Gramps (and Annabelle) left us at the door, and Jake and I went in to meet his new teacher.

Jake walked in like he owned the place! It was fantastic to see how comfortable he seemed in there. We looked around at everything and he sat down next to his buddy, Nathan, to color. Then all the kids were called to the carpet to take roll and get going.
While they were on the carpet their teachers (there are actually two in the room, lucky for us!) told them to wave good-bye to their moms and dads. Jake waved, blew kisses, blew hearts and signed "I love you" and off I went.

I was so proud of him and how grown up he looked there. I didn't feel sad at all, surprisingly enough, a
nd neither did he. It felt good and natural, which I know it is :), and I was relieved to have the buildup of the first day over with!

Jake's now been a Kindergartener for a week and is just blowing us away. This weekend, both mornings, he got up before we did and went out to color in the living room while he waited for us to get up. This morning he told me that while he was waiting, he was "doing [his] homework!" They don't even have homework yet, but he was practicing his letters and numbers all on his own. I just couldn't believe it. He is such a good boy and we're so proud of him. We love him so much!

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Paul, Hallie, Charlie and Macalan said...

Go Jakey, go! Awesome job, buddy. I hope to give you a full report that Charlie does just as well on September 7th.

And...yay, Mama! Sounds like you did a very, very good job. (I'm now convinced our part of this whole first day thing is waaaaaaay harder.)