goodbye november

i can't believe november is already behind us. where has this year gone?

annabelle is over 3 months old already. 14 weeks yesterday! she's getting so big. she's full of smiles and even laughs from time to time. she adores her big brother. she can be screaming her head off and he'll walk up to her and she'll just stop. it's so sweet. she's still in a cradle in our room but our pediatrician says - get her out! she's also pretty reliant on the pacifier for sleeping and pediatrician also says - get that out! so we have some big transitions coming up with her. i'm not looking forward to either of them! she's such a good baby i hate to mess with anything, but i know we can't keep her crammed in the cradle forever. i guess now's as good a time as any to make some changes. it feels a little sad, though, because who knows if we'll ever have another peanut in that cradle in our room again. the end of another chapter, but that does mean the beginning of a new one, and it's always fun seeing what comes next.

jakey is 3 1/2 and walks around the house reciting thomas the tank engine stories all the time. he has also started walking around the house singing songs for his christmas program at preschool. it's so cute to hear him walking around singing, "peace on earth... peace on earth..." he is still obsessed with his trains but also likes to build with legos and tinkertoys. his brain is just like ben's: plan, build, perfect. he is the sweetest boy ever. he tells me, "you're the best mama i have never played with" or "daddy's the funnest daddy i've never known!" (we're working on the difference between ever and never... we love to hear it his way, though!) he is so loving and sweet, but has his moments of being a total stinker, so we know he can hold his own.

we had a busy and fun month, celebrating thanksgiving and my birthday. ben has been working a normal schedule so he's had lots of time with the kids, which is awesome.

anyway, at the moment ben's hard at work and i'm procrastinating - I have to get christmas cards AND baby announcements out at some point. let's hope both will happen before christmas actually comes this year! I'll be sending new photos through kodak gallery soon - keep an eye out for them.