We just got home from a very fun and busy trip down south to see the family. We took the kids to the San Diego Zoo, a state park for a picnic, to Nonnie's for lunch, and spent a lot of time playing at the ranch.

Our Easter was a blast! We had Easter with Poppo and Nonnie first, then the next day we celebrated at Auntie Barb's and Uncle Bill's with Hobbie, Bapu, Aunties Cat and Steph, Uncles Dustin and Scott, Sheila, Galen, Alexes, David and all the little girls. Jacob had so much fun searching for Easter Eggs with his cousins.

The other exciting thing is that Jacob is potty training. He decided right before our trip that he wanted to go on the big potty, and he has been doing really well ever since. He has even woken up in the dead of night to run to the potty. He usually sleeps like a log, though, just like his dad, so that is not a common occurrence! However, he is doing amazingly well and we are really proud of him. We can't wait until his diapers are a thing of the past!


Wow, I can't even keep up with this blogger business! I guess there's not a whole lot that has happened in the last month. Jacob continues to grow practically before our eyes. He is still super cuddly and sweet. He is going to this drop-in preschool once a week and loves it. We are thinking about signing him up for soccer, too! He would be so cute out there. He's getting so tall and skinny - looking more and more like his dad!

Easter came up on us with a quickness. We are headed to So Cal to spend it with our family down there. We haven't done Easter at Auntie Barb's in a long time. We are very excited to see everyone!