A Day with Belles

Today my fabulous mother-in-law picked up Jakey and took him to her house to play with her and grandpa. He had such a blast with them, as always. I got to stay home with Annabelle. For once we didn't have any plans, nowhere to be, no one to see... it was a little strange but also really nice. Annabelle still sleeps a lot, so when we're home with Jake I feel like I get to spend a lot of time with him. But for the most part when she is awake, so is he, so I don't get very much alone time with her. Even when he's at preschool she is usually napping. Karen has taken Jake a few times and it always amazes me how EASY it is to be at home with just one kid. Now, I never would have said this before having two kids. You just can't appreciate it before you have more than one. And anyone out there with more than two kids wants to slap me right now and tell me I have it so easy with two! Regardless, Annabelle and I had a great time just hanging out at home and laughing at each other. She's such a doll - so happy and smiley and laughing all the time. She lets everyone know the minute she's had enough. If you get her in the right window she just goes right to sleep so easily. She's such a good baby, but the girl knows what she wants. I think that's a good thing.

We took this photo today on my cell phone (hence the lovely quality) for Jamie. Jamie and I went to see Marley & Me yesterday and we were both a MESS. I decided to send Jamie a picture of my purple baby girl to cheer her up, so here it is. Doesn't quiet capture the laughing and cooing she was doing up until the moment I pulled out the phone, but it is still Annabelle in all her glory.


the dentist

so jakey finally had his first dental visit! i know, i know, i'm a bad mom, waiting so long. most of my friends' kids have already been several times. i guess i was afraid of being scolded for the fact that he still sucks his thumb and his teeth are moving all over the place as a result. luckily for me, dr. rimi was really sweet about it. she gave us some tips to help him transition out of the thumb-sucking, and we're working toward that slowly but surely! i was surprised to hear that we should be taking belles in for her first dental visit when she turns one. that seems pretty early to me, but what do i know? knowing me and my procrastination, we'll see if we can get her in before her 3rd birthday! :)


Happy New Year!

Wow, 2009 already. And January is almost over! We had such a great time over the holidays, having our Big/Little Bidwell Christmas celebration up here then heading down south to visit the Little Vosovics, the Greens, Turley-Boultons, Mom & Prasad, Auntie Barb & Bill, Dad & Nonnie and Ben's grandma Mary for her birthday. We got to stay with my long-time friend Hallie in Laguna for a couple of nights which was great. Her sister, Meg, was kind enough to put us up in her in-law unit. We also got to meet up with Megs K. for coffee for a bit one day. I wish we had been able to see some other people (Kara O, Annette, the Shostac Clan) but, as usual, the time just went by way too quickly. We headed back up north to celebrate New Year's Eve with some good friends, and have just been trying to readapt to life back in the bay.
The kids are doing so well. Jake is mastering his new bicycle (with trainers) and still loving preschool. He was so happy to go back after the break. He loves all the little girls in his class (ladies' man already?!) and loves the off days when he gets to see his buddies Tyler and Joey.

Annabelle is learning to roll over and make use of her lungs. She really has learned how to get everyone's attention. She is laughing up a storm and will probably be sitting up in a month or so. She's a pretty sturdy little gal. She is absolutely in love with her brother. No one can make her laugh like he does with his zerberts. (click on Zerberts for a video)