oh my. it has been quite some time since i've updated this thing. i'm not even sure anyone looks at it anymore! well, if you're out there, things have been fantastic, but incredibly busy. a bit overwhelming at times, but now we are in the middle of spring break and on the downhill slide into summer. i can't wait. over the last few months ben lost his job, ben got a new job (which makes him much happier), i have received a pink slip for my job, we've registered jacob for kindergarten, annabelle is talking up a storm, jacob is learning to read and write...things have been incredible! work has kept me very busy and i will say this again and again, i do not know how full-time working moms do it. i truly don't. i get so overwhelmed by the day-to-day stuff - dishes, laundry, dinner, toys - and i only work 40% of a full-time job. my hat is off to the full-timers. shoot, my entire outfit is off to them. though you really don't want to see that...

and jake are the sweetest kids around. annabelle has such a fiesty little personality, but she is the most loving child. she is constantly giving kisses and hugs. she will take any chance she can get to plant one on you. she loves everyone. she loves to be "up" with daddy and me, but also grandma, grandpa, jamie ("mamie") and brian ("boo"), maria ("rias")... she has a lot of love to give.

so does the little man. i just went in to tuck jakey in to bed and he was being so sweet and loving. he was holding and rubbing my arm, patting my face, hugging me over and over...just so full of sweetness. i said, "i love my best boy" and he said, "i love my sweet girl." i said, "how did you get to be so sweet?" and he said, "you taught me that, mama." ahhh - melt my heart! but then, to make sure i knew he was still a 4 year-old boy he said, "i smell alien slime." and i secretly hoped it wasn't my breath.

i absolutely love being a mom. i truly have the two best children on this planet.
(someone remind me of this when i'm wrangling two screaming children through target next time...) :)