my big boy

first day of preschool, August 2008

last day of preschool, June 2009

today was jakey's last official day of his first year of preschool! he is finished in the 3s class and will start in the 4s class in the fall. the year went by so quickly! i was hugely pregnant when he started and he was so sad those first few weeks when we would drop him off. now he can't get in the door at school any faster and he has a sister who is almost 9 months old! he loves his teacher, mrs. tetzloff, and has made so many good buddies at school. we walk either to or from school almost every day (sometimes both) and have had a lot of good little chats on our walks. and jake has become quite a good walker - he can do a mile easily!

a lot has happened this year and time has gone by far too quickly for my taste. but each end signifies a new beginning and i can't wait to see what's next.

my little leap-er

jacob is in some of the demo videos for new leapfrog toys! in a post i wrote in april there's a picture of him holding a "Text & Learn" toy. he got that for "acting" in leapfrog's demo videos. i'm so proud of him! he even let me have a cameo.

to see the demo, go to the leapfrog website (http://www.leapfrog.com/toys/)

click on the movie clapboard on either the
Scribble & Write, the Text & Learn or the Learn & Groove.

He is the second or third demo for those toys. you have to click on the orange arrows on the right to scroll through the demos.

we sure had a good time!


the month of may

may was such a busy month for us! we did have some headway with the living room project, but now it's at a bit of a standstill. we're waiting on crown molding, but i've no idea when that project will take place. but it's good for now.

on may 6th our little boy turned 4!! jakey is such a big boy now. he's a wonderful little helper and such a sweetheart. he loves to make annabelle laugh and loves to play with her. in fact, if he hears her laughing, even if he is across the house, he will come running and say, "what made her laugh? can i try?" and sometimes he'll cry when i have to put her down for a nap because he wants to play with her. cherish these moments, right? so precious.

for jacob's birthday my great friend, jamie, and i threw a carnival party. jake and joey are 11 days apart and this is the second birthday party they've shared. it was such a blast to plan with jamie (she was awesome! check out her ferris wheel cake below!) and the party was so much fun!

annabelle has been growing up way too fast for my taste. i'm pretty sure she's our last but she is just getting too big too quickly! she is sitting up and moving around, but not crawling. she scoots her way across the floor somehow and is really working on manipulating her little body. she is such a good little eater and is now working on finger foods. she rebelled for a month or so, but now she's pretty good. little lady LOVES shredded cheese! has to be sharp cheddar... so picky! :)

ben is working up at cal state hayward in some underground vaults for the time being. thank God he has a job. i am still doing boot camp, tutoring, blogging for my mom & prasad, fliers for dean souza (realtor) and all the fun stuff being a mom involves.

i feel like i'm writing one of those letters you send with a christmas card. we never send those letters. i guess now's as good a time as any for that!

enough for now... every time i blog i say i'll be better from now on... i really will try! things have been so busy, but so good. i truly love my life!