Jake's (late) 3 year Checkup

Today was Jacob's 3 year check-up. We're only about 4 months late - could be worse! He did a great job, even though the doctor had to look in his ears (he HATES that). No tears, no drama or trauma. The only real argument was that he did not want to remove his clothes. That caused some consternation so we compromised. He would remove his clothes but have the honor of donning a lovely hospital gown.

He looked pretty cute and was very happy, kept saying, "This is so cute! This is so cute!"

He is 40 inches tall (83rd %) and 34 pounds (65th %). I swear he has been 33 pounds for a year so it was nice to see that number creep up, ever so slowly. (The nurse may have rounded up, but that's okay!)
All in all, he's right on track and doing what he should (and then some). Phew! He starts school tomorrow, so I'm sure there will be more to say then!


Just Waiting

Here we are, 3 weeks from my due date, just waiting for Jake's sister to arrive! I've been much more uncomfortable this time around than when I was pregnant with little Jake, but it still hasn't been too bad. Aside from the smooshed tiny bladder, I am sleeping well at night and keeping busy with my boys! You can see the latest belly pictures here:
Belly Shots Baby 2

And here's as close as we are getting to seeing her these days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNEyCa81XQo
(wait about 18 seconds for action)

In the last month we've had two new friends arrive in this world. Hannah had baby Julianna Claire on August 1,
and Anna Lisa had baby Calina Grace on August 2. Both are such beautiful little baby girls and their moms just look amazing. They both give me hope!

Jacob still hasn't met Julianna, but he had a chance to meet Calina and was really impressed by her small feet. When she started to fuss he kicked into big brother mode and started shushing her. He's going to be so great.

I hope the new mommies
don't mind if I post their adorable babies on here. They are too cute not to share!