bye bye, preschool!

jakey graduated preschool! i know for some this is not a big deal, especially when they've been through it a time or two, but this was a big milestone for us, for jake, and we are really enjoying watching who he is becoming. perhaps the saddest part of his graduation was saying goodbye to his teacher of two years, mrs. tetzloff (below, in the pink). she was absolutely phenomenal and i always felt like she had a special place in her heart for jacob.

the graduation ceremony itself was very s
weet. the teachers did their bloody best to make sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house by starting it off with a slideshow of the last year played to a song titled, "let them be little." then the kids stood at the front of the chapel and sang songs. it was so sweet, despite jake's absolute inability to stand still. he was all over the place - lounging on the railing, teetering off to the side... i was so mortified that i couldn't worry about being sad! to top it off, i finally make eye contact with him and mouth, "stand still!" and he looks back at me, thinks for a second, cocks his head to the side and signs (yes SIGNS) the letters N O to me.
and looks the other direction.

anyway, overall it was such a sweet ceremony and i will miss the school a lot. i plan to send annabelle there in a few years so it's not really goodbye. jake learned so much from his teachers and from preschool and is now getting ready to enter the world of elementary school. this should be interesting. we'll try to keep the signing to a minimum.