The Holidays are Over!

I love the holidays, but I am so glad they are behind us this year! We had a wonderful time with family and friends, but it gets so busy and stressful! Jacob loved visiting Santa and all he asked for was a bell (he recently saw Polar Express). We celebrated Christmas three times - first with my mom and Prasad, then with my dad, Nonnie, sisters and their families, then with Ben's parents. Each time we had a blast! We were also blessed with a new little niece, Juniper Lily Vosovic, courtesy Ben's sister, Sarah, and her husband Jon. After three Christmases, we were home to host a mini New Year's Eve party. We had friends come over and stay until the wee hours! I have not been up that late in years! It was so much fun, but I think we're all still recovering (Yes, it has been a month). The latest and greatest Jakey news is that he is officially sleeping in a "big-boy-bed!" He has been wonderful about it - staying in it all night and calling for me in the morning and letting me come get him, instead of getting out of bed. Friends warn me this won't last, but I'm happy with it for now. He looks so cute and grown-up in that bed with a fun new quilt from Grandma. I hear him kicking the wall now, so I guess my quiet time is over for today.

Happy New Year!

We finally made it to blogville. I have many friends with a variety of blogs so I thought I should get on board! I am getting worse and worse with emails and pictures so hopefully I'll be better about doing it this way! I will try to update often with just the important details! (hah - as a mom they are ALL important!). We hope you enjoy all the news!