Busy, Busy Summer

We have had such a busy (and fun!) summer. We were in Southern California for almost a week, visiting my sisters, mom and dad. Then we came back up here with my sister and her family for a week, left for Pinecrest (see last post) then headed back down south again for almost another week! The day after we drove home my mom flew in for a few days. She left yesterday and tonight we leave for our last hurrah - another weekend in Pinecrest. My sister and her family will meet us up there for the short trip, but it should be relaxing and fun! I guess I'm trying to cram everything possible in since I can't travel in August and I think life in general will be one big, fat blur come September.

We had a checkup yesterday and the baby is head down (yay!) and everything is fine. I feel really good still but losing a little bit of energy. It's still not that bad. I'm not uncomfortable yet and sleep most of the night pretty well (if only I had a catheter). Jacob has been amazing. He is such a trooper for tagging along on all these trips and I know it must be crazy for him. He is such a homebody and is always eager to get back home "to see Gordon" (his train). He still kisses the belly all the time and likes to trade toys with his sister already. I'm sure it will be an insane adjustment for him, but we're all excited.

That's it for now - until the next adventure! Below is a picture of Jake with all his little lady cousins.


4th of July in Pinecrest

Last week we embarked on our annual trip to Pinecrest with the Bidwells and Little Vosovics. It was a much better visit this time than for our anniversary! We arrived late on Tuesday night and slept in a bit Wednesday morning. In a nutshell: we spent some time on the beach, swam a bit in the lake (Jake and Timber were really the only ones technically swimming), took a boat ride, went for a little kayak ride, hiked around the lake and spent a lot of time walking around or relaxing!

The lake hike was much different than years prior, what with Jakey walking for quite a bit of it (he walked about a mile and a half!!) and Juniper along for the ride. Both kids did amazingly well and the adults weren't too bad either! It got pretty hot but we stopped for a while to cool our feet at the inlet. The hike is 4 miles all the way around. Ben had to carry Jake in the backpack for the last 2 1/2 miles, but he did it! Trooper!

The boat ride and "going really, really fast" was Jacob's favorite part of the trip. He got to help daddy drive the boat, which was really exciting!

Ben's favorite part was the wheeling, of course! We made it to Pinecrest Peak (beautiful view) but not quite to Eagle Peak (which is where he proposed 6 years ago!) We also went up to Dodge Ridge, the ski resort, and found a pretty awesome view from what will be a serious ski slope come winter.
We also celebrated Auntie Gig's 30th birthday! Jakey loved helping her blow out her candles, open her presents and eat cake. Jon's parents and aunt came up to celebrate, as did Auntie Robin and Sarah's friends Paul and Sara. It was a full house but so much fun.

I couldn't pick a favorite part of the trip. It was just so nice to be so active and spend so much time outdoors and hanging with everyone. On the other hand, the naps in April and Marty's cozy room were quite a treat as well! Already I am looking forward to the next Pinecrest excursion!