we just got back from our annual fernow trip! we started in southern CA at mom's family reunion party. it was so much fun to spend time with everyone, but it is never enough time.
i will take what i can get, though!

a few days later we headed out to prescott for a night and then out to the wilderness for 4 days! we stayed in a forest service cabin that is no longer in use, but that you can rent. it is tucked away from everything in the coconino forest, which is just beauti

we took walks, a long hike, tried to get up to the lookout tower (which was closed) but still saw some amazing views of arizona.

we roasted marshmallows and sang songs by the campfire at night and even witnessed an incredible thunderstorm our last night there.

the kids all played so well together and had the best time. it's amazing what kids come up with when you take away the tv, dvd player, i-pod, nintendo, whatever. no electronics whatsoever and they were completely entertained the entire time. they built clubhouses, made a workshop, hunted for geodes, played house in a tent and rolled around in the mud and dirt until their clothes were caked!

it was awesome. it went by WAY too fast and already i'm looking forward to next year's trip. i just wish we could stay longer!

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