happy halloween!

happy halloween from our 'carry pie-ders!!'

our halloween was so much fun this year. grandma helped me make spider costumes for the kids, which turned out so cute. ben and i dressed up as spider prey - we wore wings and were wrapped up in webbing. we figure we are pretty much at the whim of our children, so it was appropriate.

after our annual trip to the pumpkin patch...

was Jake's school's Halloween Parade! the high school band played as they walked through the neighborhood streets all dressed up in costume. it was awesome.

the we officially started our halloween celebrations on friday nigh
t with our neighbor friends, the scruggs. we toasted pumpkin seeds and carved our pumpkins. even the daddies got involved and made some awesome jack-o-lanterns! it was so much fun to watch jake carve his pumpkin. he is old enough now to have a very firm opinion on what he wanted his jack-o-lantern to look like. he drew the face on the pumpkin, and ben and i took turns doing the carving.

saturday night we visited a trunk-or-treat at our other neighbors' church. that was so different and so fun! the kids were all dressed up, spent an hour playing games and earning prizes, then went outside to trick-or-treat from trunks of cars that had been decorated. i've never seen anything like it!

finally halloween came! we had grandpa, the shackelfords, the formolos and the scruggs over. we ate some pizza and, after meeting up with more neighbors, the eberhards, off we went to ring doorbells and stock up on candy. we were SHOCKED at how quickly the boys took off! one minute they are standing there, suffering through the photo op, then off!!

they are sprinting, ringing every doorbell in sight and bringing home far too much candy! i think we trick-or-treated for about two hours. we were absolutely exhausted by the time we came back home.

i love halloween. i think it might be one of my favorite holidays. it's a reason to get together, get dressed up, eat a lot of reese's peanut butter cups, and not have to stress about the details of gifts, fancy dinners, and so forth. jake and i are already planning out next halloween...

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bees said...

I love it! It makes me miss you more though. xoxo